Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One New Country, Two Tatting Classes, Three More Motifs and Four Sunlit Shuttles! (Motifs 40-42)

Well, we're back.

That was a very rough, very fast trip home, but I'm glad we went...

Partly because I picked up yet another country (Japan--my 5th new country in the past two months, phew!), but most especially because we got to see all our families and meet our newest niece, Gemma...
The pink bib worked! (And was HUGE on my 6 lb+ niece!)
 I did a little bit of tatting while I was home and in the air...as per usual...
Motif 40 (#7 on the way to 25 by the 25th...yikes!) This is Perfect Quilter and DMC 80 threads combined.
Ok, so it was a very little bit...to be honest, that's about all I achieved on the trip...I was mostly too exhausted to even lift a shuttle.

 Understandably (I hope) I was pretty down after returning (and jetlagged!!) but a small package from Canada perked me up considerably on my first day back at work...four Sunlit Shuttles from that amazing Fox! Thank you again! :)
And they are great! As a semi-converted needle tatter I don't have a ton of shuttles and all my Clovers are full, so it was a very, very timely arrival! :)
 Suitably cheered and fully rested I started on one of the Shuttlebirds Weekly Challenges (I've been getting the e-mails for months but this is the first one I've completed)...
And yes, the thread matches the shuttles...I like it that way. :) It's the Tatted Roman Cross in size 30 Cebélia, and is Motif #41 (and #8 on the way to 25 by the 25th).
 As a thank you (sorry if this spoils the fun, Fox) I decided to make a Thank You mignonette AND practice a new skill at the same time:
BEADS! (Motif 42 on the year, #9 on the way to 25 by the 25th)
It took a couple tries but I managed to add beads from the shuttle. Amazing.
 Finally, I taught my second tatting class (needles, not shuttles...it's easier, I think)--it was actually a reschedule class, originally we were going to have it the Sunday I left for the funeral, but my students were patient and we had a nice time making holiday motifs this past weekend.
 So that's that...just under two weeks until Christmas and I have 16 motifs to go to get to 25 by the 25th...it might take a Christmas miracle to pull it off, but stranger things have occurred! :)


  1. Wow, that's a lot to take in! You must be exhausted, your new niece she is beautiful and looks like the home gathering was good and sure your grandparent that passed enjoyed the gathering. Love this sweet spidery doily and have seen it on other blogs too, where do you find the pattern for this one! And the tatting class looks like fun!

    1. The pattern I use is from " The Tatter's Treasure Chest," one of the awesome Dover Needlework Series publications. I have found it to be very adaptable. :)

  2. Wow that's some trip around the world, I am glad you are back and rested after a mamonth trip. I am sure you can do 25 by the 25th, we set ourselves goals and then try to do them, they sound so easy but things get in the way and it's goes to pot.
    Your book you sent me has a lovely snowflake and it's on my snowflake challenge, I think it's going to be published tomorrow or Thursday, I scheduled some posts as I am in hospital for a few hours tomorrow, and may not feel up to posting for a few days. That wil give me time to make some more snowflakes.
    Take care, I look forward to seeing all 25 motifs

    1. Hi Margaret! I am looking forward to seeing the Russian snowflake! I'm sorry you're back in the hospital again, hope you recover quickly and feel better soon!! :)