Sunday, July 26, 2015

Better than Ugh

Handkerchief, take two!

Thanks so much for all your lovely tips and encouragement. 

Almost perfect. 

I used the suggestions to pin down the handkerchief and stretch the lace to make it work:

I'm nice the handkerchief and lace were stable, I sewed with clear (plastic) thread:

Finally done. Phew!

Hooray. Never again. (At least, never again when I can't tat directly onto the handkerchief!!)

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I have decided I don't like doing edgings. 

They're just not worth the hassle!!

Here is an edging I have been working on for WEEKS--three rounds, no corner in the pattern so I had to make it up, finally finished...


Except now I'm trying to attach the @)&@;)&:! edging to the "/$):@"-$:!;@! Handkerchief, and it's );@"(@)/?!! not working very well. 

You see, it's a little snug. Not too short, jus too snug. And I could' see it while I tatted it because it was three rows and you tat the inside row last. 

So I tried to sew it on today, and totally had a stupid gap at the corner!!

So I had to cut it off and now I've got it pinned out to stretch it a little. 

And I guess I'll try it again tomorrow. BLAh!!

I'm pretty much over it.