Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quietly Tatting


Amazing how time flies. Welcome to May, I guess. :)

So I've been quietly tatting down here, not doing much of consequence, but playing a little and trying to empty some shuttles. 

So let's see...

Today I did this:

Which looks like this on the back side:

The blue/pink/purple rows are size 40 Lizbeth, the white row is size 20 Lizbeth. The pattern can be found here:

I have also met up with another Canberra tatter(!!!!!!!!!!) and we have both been working on a Jan Stawasz pattern from "Tatting Theory and Patterns". 

So far I've accomplished just a little more than this:
  ...but not much more!
I think it's going to be pretty when I finish it. :)

Hm, what else? 

I've been playing on eBay and bought a couple dozen issues of "The Workbasket", which is pretty awesome. I love looking through all the old ads, recipes, and of course the tatting patterns!
The issues span from 1954 to 1992, so there is a lot of depth, and it's very interesting to see the change in the interests the "Workbasket" editors assumed their readers had...and what people thought was fashionable through the years!

Other than that, it's same old, same old. Not a complaint, just an observation. :)