Monday, December 23, 2013

Ugh. 21 done with 1 Tatting Day until Christmas!

I'm so close!

I have just two more motifs to show you, motifs that were actually completed on Sunday night (this being Tuesday the 24th, already)...I didn't get any tatting done at all yesterday because of work and the hubby's big 3-0 celebration :)
The Santa on the cake is a family tradition...since this was his first birthday celebrated away from his parents I decided to continue the tradition as well as I could... :)

Anyway, I have two more motifs done...and I'm still 4 away from 25! With just 7.5 hrs until midnight!!

The first is kind of a cheater motif, but I'm that desperate, and *technically* it is its own motif, the Large Loop-Stitch Snowflake...(it just also happens to be the Small Loop-Stitch Snowflake from the other day, with one final row added on.) Tee hee.
Motif #55 on the year and #20 on the way to 25 by the 25th
 Thanks to LadyTats for the idea to add another round!

I also attempted my first doodad tat, courtesy of the very talented Fox...This is supposed to be her Athalia pattern, but it's just all kinds of wrong...

Motif #55 on the year and #21 on the way to 25 by the 25th
 Well, the top part is right, but then I accidentally made the second large ring 5-5-5-5-5-5 instead of 3-3-3-3-3-3, and even worse, I forgot to use the short chains instead of the longer 3-3-3 chains after each ring. Sigh.

Friends should not let friends tat distracted. :)

Oh well. I can always cut it off and try, try again. :)

I am interested to know, however, if I did the attachment to the doodad correctly? (Here is the back, does that look right?)
So, I'm not totally giving up, but maybe I'll have to make 25 by the Iowa, not in Vladivostok! :)


  1. Yes as far I can see you have attached correct. Two lovely motifs and good luck that you finish your 25