Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Done! It's Done! The Big Doily is Done! :)

Yay!!!! :)
Pretty, isn't it?
I had to be creative about blocking it--my usual towel on the ironing board wasn't quite big enough for it, so I had to use a cardboard box...good thing we have one or two left over from the move! :)

20" wide!!!
I timed the last two trefoil motifs (one big, one small)--it took me almost 18 minutes to complete them...18x54=972 minutes (16.2 hours!) for just the final row! I'm not sure I want to even guess how much actual time the entire thing took...

Now all I need is a 20" round table! :)
Of course, now that it's done, I'm at a little bit of a tatting loss...what to do next?

I need some inspiration!! :)

Anybody need a pattern tested? Anybody have a request?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Big Doily's Not Done...Yet (also Motifs 8 & 9)

Hello again:

Well I am slowly but surely still plodding along with The Big Doily...
Blue circles completed...
White chain all the way around
White rings and chains
And now... trefoils!!
The never-ending trefoils!
Trefoils, trefoils everywhere...
I'm pretending it's done... but it's not.
Someday it will be finished.

Not today, of course, because I didn't work on it today...so many trefoils!

Today, while I chain-watched "Sense and Sensibility" (two versions, why not) I thought I'd play with interlocking elements, and came up with Motifs 8 and 9:

Put them together and you get...

Add another outer round and you get...the Celtic Flower from Rozella Linden's "Celtic Tatting"

Fun times. :)

It was a nice little refresher, and no trefoils in sight! :