Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TIAS Day 6 and Traveling Again

Here is my Day 6 for Jane's TIAS:
Once again it doesn't seem to be turning the way Jane's diagram shows, but I'm sure it will eventually get there. I still have no guesses...lack of imagination, maybe?

I'm writing this in the lull that comes between the time when you are frantically packing your bags and when you leave for the airport...yes, we're off on another (very short) trip, but I think this will be the last for a bit (March or April, probably). I have to stay home through February so I don't miss any of the Olympics!!

Speaking of the Olympics, here's something fun:
This is me (in the maroon in the back) running at the Iowa State Track and Field Meet in 1999 against Lolo Jones (navy in the front), a fellow Iowan and 2-time Summer Olympian who just qualified for the US Olympic bobsled team! (And, not to brag or anything, I actually ended up beating her in this race...it's hard to tell, but she is starting to grimace in pain, because she's just pulled her hamstring and is about to drop to the ground in agony, thus allowing a slow, chubby 9th grader to pass her, poor girl. Clearly she overcame that particular disappointment.) Anyway, so next month we'll both be in Russia! (Albeit on COMPLETE opposite sides of the country (and continent) but still...same place.  :) Funny how life is, sometimes!


  1. Wow it also looks like almost everyone in the picture isn't even touching the ground!