Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tatting in Thailand (Motif 4) and TIAS Day 8

So, Thailand is really a lot warmer than Russia.
Three days in Thailand (see the map to the right--8th new country in the past year!!) with an average temperature of about 80 degrees (all-time low temps according to people who actually live there) were heaven compared to this chilly, snowy Vladivostok...although it is nice to be back. :)

Those three days were so crazy-busy I didn't get much tatting done, but I did manage Motif 4:
Подвеска (Pendant) from "Фриволите Рукоделие" by Животовская Е. В.
It doesn't look quite right, but close enough. Russian patterns are sometimes kind of weird to follow...
I also kept up with Jane's TIAS--here is Day 8:
 I'm seeing windmills:
Maybe?? :)


  1. Wow you really jump around the planet! What is it you do? and that little triangle has potential. I recognize the book :), and Jane's TIAS is keeping everyone guessing as usual looks like things going normally.

    1. Yes, that little book is chock-full of fun patterns, whether or not they are easily followed. :) My husband works for the US State Department, which is why we travel so much.

  2. At least you had some warmth for a few days, anywhere would be warmer than Russia, I think I recognise it is it from the book, well I think it's as near to the pattern as you can get.
    Hope you get home safe and sound.

    1. Yes, any warmth is welcome, although I did enjoy the lovely snowstorm we had on our first day back! :)