Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014! TIAS Day 1!

Well, here we all are again in 2014. How delightful!

We have been off work since the 1st and don't go back until the 9th (Thank you Russian New Year and Christmas celebrations!) so I've had a lot of time to do, well, not a whole lot, really...I've played a lot on the computer, read a (very) little and tatted almost less...

Before the holidays I bought a copy of Ben Fikkert's "Floriade"and then ordered some thread on black Friday that is...not exactly what I expected it would look like...

Anyway I found a pattern called "Forty Tulips" in "Floriade" and decided it was a perfect use for Confetti and it's accompanying colors...

Of course, I've done a terrible job documenting the progress, but here's where it stands today:
It's almost literally standing...tension troubles, anyone? Yikes! (Too bad Santa didn't bring me an iron.)
I've had a little bit of help with the tulips...Pip has some visitors this week and they have been oh so helpful!
Charlie modeling rounds 1-3
Sanchai overseeing round 6
I've also started Jane Eborall's TIAS (Day 1 was posted today!)
 And Sanchai "helped" again...

 Pip, as you can see, is nowhere to be seen, poor boy. He's been so used to being an only child I think it's weird for him to have siblings...

Lucky for him, Sanchai goes home tomorrow and Charlie early next week, so I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time. :)

And I can't wait for TIAS Day 2!


  1. Wow, where did you get that cat!? Poor little dog (I do the same thing with my dog) make her wear tatting :). I had same problem with my doily to start with if no iron I wet it and pin it to a board before sleeping it works well for me anyway! Well Jane's TIAS is looking like a doily to start with, but I know we are in for surprise I am sure.

    1. The cat was a houseguest, here for the new year+ a few days...he was fun to have around but I think I'll stick to dogs :) I too resort to the board and pin technique when I have to, but I find the iron so much quicker, so often...but as you will see soon, it had to be the board and pin for this particular pattern! :)

  2. Lovely models for your tatting it looks like it's going to be a lovely doily, look forward to seeing your progress

    1. Thanks Margaret...I'm not sure how lovely the thing is, but it is certainly interesting :)