Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spiderweb Continues + TIAS Day 2


I'm anxiously awaiting TIAS Day 3 (it's 11:42 pm here so I doubt I see it until Day 4, but... oh well... :) I was one of the first to see Day 2, so I can't complain too much! :)

Speaking of Day 2...if you didn't see my post on the TIAS Blog, here are my Day 2 pictures:
 I think it looks like a chicken!
 Pip wishes it was chicken! :)

I've also added a row or two to the spiderweb doily, although you can't really tell:
The spaces are getting bigger...but it's still pretty "squished" if you don't spread them out...
I'm really digging this matches my favorite shuttle! :)

Also I am gaining a new appreciation for ring-only tatting...although I could tell my chain-making skills have taken a dive when I worked on the Day 2 pattern! :) Those darn holes where the chains and rings connect came back on the middle two rings, but I beat them back by the time I got to the fourth one, just in time to stop for the day...

Ah well, something to strive for in Day 3 (providing there are chains, that is!)


  1. I can see your lacy doily is growing, looking good so far.
    I like you are waiting for day three.

    1. I'm glad you can see the would be easier if I switched thread, but I like the veriegated orange too much to stop!

  2. fantastyczny pomysł na pajęczynę, pozdrawiam