Saturday, September 21, 2013

Really Back this Time...+Motif #25 (and #s 26 and 27!)



That was a long hiatus, but it's been a busy month full of fun things like:

Meeting celebrities (Michael Madsen)
Traveling around Russia (and posing with stuffed Amur tigers)

 Competing in Dragon Boat races...

...And winning! :)
 and talking (and dressing) like a pirate

 I also read my way through the entire "Stephanie Plum" book series (it's like book candy, once you start you can't stop consuming!)

Oh, and I tatted, a bit. :)

I give you...Motif #25!! (About time!)
This is Nancy Tracy's "Tatted Square Motif"
And here is Motif 26, small but mighty:
It's the beginning of the round doily of the Spiderweb Dresser Set from "The Tatter's Treasure Chest"
which quickly grew to this:
 And currently looks like this:
That's size 80 DMC thread...shuttle tatted. I'm getting the hang of this thing, I think...
The whole ring-only tatting thing is quite a pain when you are needle tatting, but is actually decently easy (especially with the use of a picot gauge) when you are shuttle tatting...also it's a nice way to use up the last of the thread on a shuttle:

Motif #27, practicing the ring-only technique and using up extra thread...two for the price of one!

So. That's that...

I'm enjoying this Spiderweb doily (and ran out of Stephanie Plum books to read) so hopefully the next round (and accompanying blog post) will come soon!


  1. Well you have been busy, looks like a full life of fun,
    I look forward to seeing how the doily comes along looking good so far.

    1. Thanks Margaret! So far it's kind of messy...hopefully that will right itself as time goes on... :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!

    Your shuttle tatting is looking sooo good!
    Fox : )

    1. Thank you Fox! Life is busy, but my opinion is that busy is good. :)

  3. Your shuttle tatting is looking great. Size 80 thread. I'm impressed. And excuse my ignorance, but who is Michael Madsen?

    1. Thank you! I am surprising myself by actually liking the size felt weird to wind the size 20 for the new TIAS tonight...Michael Madsen is an actor--he was in movies like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill...oh and my favorite, Free Willy! :)

  4. Very nice tatting!! :) And I love the color on the spiderweb doily!! :)