Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sherry's TIAS: Day 1

So, I started Sherry's TIAS today and...

I already messed up!
I'm using Size 20 Coats Cadena Chain Mercer Crochet

Can you believe it?

I was so excited to do my first real-time TAIS and it's already WRONG!

Le sigh...
Can you spot the problem? The "climbing out" picot is two times too long!

Each of the picots are 1/2", and the pattern specifically says to "[make] sure it is the same length as previous picots", which I took to mean to use the 1/2" measurement again...


Of course the thread that makes up the picot is 1/2", but picots fold themselves "in half" when they are finished...the mock climbing picot doesn't fold, and so it was two times too long. Darn.

And of course I didn't want to cut the thread, not knowing what to expect in tomorrow's TIAS (Sherry specifically said it wouldn't work out well if it didn't start with a continuous wind..)

So of course I re-wound the thread on two different shuttles and re-did it. Perfectionism at its best... :)

And I made sure to use the 1/4" size when climbing out this time!
 So, here you go: The first (error) is on the left and the (I hope!) correctly tatted second chance is on the right...
So far I have absolutely no idea what this is going to be.

My best guess is that the first ring (on the bottom) is an eye...why? Why not!

I have no idea! :)

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