Monday, February 4, 2013

Started on the Carpet Design

Well, as you can see to your right, I have been able to update my world map!! 4 countries and counting! :)

I have had a few minutes to start diagramming the carpet pattern from the hotel in Moscow.

Here, to remind you, is the carpet:

I can see a couple ways of creating this pattern:

1) 2 types of individual motifs joined together in some way.
I started on this method first, just to get a feel for the motifs. Here is my crack at the middle motif:
This is also my first motif of the year for the 25 Motif Challenge!!
 My initial thought was that the middle "M"-looking things could be where the joins were made...

2) Build, like a doily, from the inside out. Start with the center motif and build as four triangles joined together to make the motif as well as get a small start to the outside motifs. Then join to a second motif made the same way, as shown below. Finally, build the outside as a sort of "Round 2", thus completing the pattern as below.

  I decided that this might be the better strategy, so I worked out a pattern, played with it, and found something that I think might work...

 I haven't completed the full middle square yet, but once it is done, as well as when I have some of the outer ring completed, I will let you know! :)

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