Friday, February 8, 2013

More "Carpet" Pattern Work

Well, I've made some progress on the carpet-inspired pattern!

Here again is the original carpet:

First of all I finished the first inside square.
(Messy) Motif #2

Here it is contrasted with the "inside motif" I made (if that makes sense at all):

And since I was thick in the middle of "The Forsythe Saga," I just kept working and finished the inside (made of 8 triangle-shaped motifs):
Sorry about the stringy mess...
That was yesterday.

Today's task is the outer edge. This is a little tricky, because the outer "triangle" areas (there are six of them, pointing up and down) aren't really that easy to make using the naturally curving tatting.

Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but upon further investigation, if you are trying to be as true to the original pattern as possible, it's not really possible to make the outer edge in one fell swoop because of the two "kissing curley-qs" to be found in 4 places around the pattern...

These two instances are shown below:

I tackled the triangle problem first, as the two "curly-qs" are easily done, as shown on the left side below:
Motif #3?

I first tried the two kissing rings at the bottom of the motif (lots of kissing going on here), but after further perusal of the pattern decided they aren't quite right. They have the satisfying connection, but raise the "triangle" too high for my liking. Next I tried the ring/chain combo (is there a technical name for that?) at the top, and unfortunately think that is going to be my best bet...unless anyone out there can come up with something better (please!)! I think I will try to make the ring thinner, and the chain longer (higher), but otherwise it's the best I've come up with.

At any rate, it's no longer possible to stay true to the pattern and make the outside all in one piece, so we are now talking about a 4-piece outer round, to go with the 8-piece inner round, as shown below:

And, if that is too hard to see (it is for me) here's a slightly easier on the eyes version:

So that's where I am on that. :)

By the way, and completely off subject, how fascinating is this Richard III discovery!? As a history teacher, I am so into this history-as-news thing! Today as I blog and tat I am re-visiting my audiobook copy of Josephine Tey's"Daughter of Time," an excellent, intelligent book with interesting perspective on this topic...published in 1951!

Happy tatting!


  1. I do like the design, I think starting in the middle and working long chains onto the outside and work around the outside before going back into the middle again.
    Yes it was interesting to find James111 in the car park and more so because his body was under a car park and under the letter R marked the square where he lay, there is a program all about it on channel four. If you put channel four in google and then go to 4OD which is four on demand you will be able to see the program.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Starting in and going out was what I had originally thought to do when I was contemplating the design, so you may be right! :) The Channel 4 doc looks really neat, but it won't let me watch it from Russia...I'm going to check and see if anyone's uploaded it to youtube yet! :)

    2. Update: Found it! :) Gotta love YouTube!

  2. I have just discovered your blog. I am in awe of your ambitious designing! I would never have though to take designs from carpet, but you are doing a remarkable job. Please keep posting as you go, this is fascinating.

    1. Welcome and thank you! I love hearing that people actually read my blog! :) This is my first time trying to really design anything, so I really appreciate the encouragement!! I just hope I can actually write a tat-able pattern when the time comes! :)