Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh hey...from Russia! :)


Long time no blog...or tat, for that matter, unfortunately...

Anyway, hello from Vladivostok, Russia! :)

It's been a big couple of weeks...after packout we spent a few more days in DCland saying goodbye, and then hopped on a plane to Switzerland, another to Moscow, and then after a few days in Moscow took the longest domestic overland flight in the world to Vladivostok! (If you are interested, you can read more about all that by clicking: here or follow all our Russian adventures: here)

Since arriving in Vlad we've been busy exploring, going to work (my husband) and settling into our new apartment (me). That has not, predictably, left a lot of time for tatting...apparently I'm not really good at this "making time for a hobby" thing...

That's not to say that tatting has been far from my mind...

In fact, I was greatly inspired by the hotel we stayed at in Moscow...or at least, by the carpeting at the hotel...

 Can you imagine tatting that? I was mesmerized trying to figure out how I would do it...(or maybe that was the jet lag!)

Here's a close up of one of the patterns:
 And here's a closeup of the other:
 This pattern was replicated all over--in the carpet, this ironwork, it was even etched on some of the windows...
 I'm going to give it a shot sometime soon...but if you're inspired to come up with something before I do, let me know! We can compare patterns! :)



  1. Wow, those carpet designs really look like tatting! amazing! It will be interesting to see if you can replicate them.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I started looking at them again today, maybe I'll have something soon..? :)

  2. Those carpet patterns look just like tatting, and if I had time I would play at the pattern
    Hope you are enjoying your new home, how long will you be living there.

    1. Thank you Margaret! I always look forward to your comments! :) We will be in Vlad for two years (with a few trips to the US and other places during that time, I'm sure!) So far it's a really nice place to be! :)