Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Packout Time Again


We're less than a week away from moving to Russia and once more I get to go through the stress of deciding what to put where...

We get three types of shipments, the "in the suitcases, on the plane with us" shipment, the "comes in 2-3 weeks" shipment and the "comes in 1-2 months" shipment...

So where do I put my tatting stuff?!

Good times...fun decisions...at least I'll be reunited with all my thread from Honduras on one of those shipments! :)

Updates soon, from RUSSIA! :)


1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the move, I think I would pack some tatting for you to do when you get there and them pack some in each shipment then if one shipment is delay you will not lose or sat wondering if and when it all comes, you will at least have something to do while you wait for it.
    Hope it all goes well, Russia is a bit cold at the moment with snow, so make sure you wrap up warm.