Friday, December 14, 2012

Вот эта да! It is hard to find time to tat! Motifs 11 & 12


Wow! Long time no blog...long time no tat!!

Chris and I are less than 6 weeks away from heading to Russia, and we have been SO BUSY recently! It is crazy!

Still, last Friday I did have a bit of time to sit down and bang out a couple of snowflakes...symbolic, of course, as we have not seen even one flake here in DC Land...

Also, I have like, three tatting books of snowflakes, and I made a few this summer for the Fair, but I have really under-utilized these books, so I thought I should remedy that...

Anyway, I started on the first one specifically because it had the small, close-together rings in the center...for some reason those are really pleasing to me. :)

The problem was...well, can you spot the problem?

I'll give you a's a problem with a repeat...

A while ago I was reading somewhere on the Internets about the question of what to do when you make a mistake...I can't remember where, but I think it was one of my followed blogs?? Anyway, many of us said we would rather cut our mistakes out than re-do the entire piece, and that is what I did...

Luckily I only made the mistake in one spot, so it was pretty easy to fix:

Pretty! I love those small circles in the middle!

And, since I was on a roll, I decided to move on and do another...this one went more smoothly; no "re-dos" needed!

 And that's about it...I have some other projects I want to work on/finish but my Russian test is SO SOON, I really need to spend most of my time studying...however, I have a feeling I will have PLENTY of time to tat once I get to Russia! :)


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