Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Mastering" Split Chains and Single Shuttle Split Rings (SSSRs) and Motif #11!

Well, happy April :)

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks...since the last time I blogged:
-Chris got back from his training trip to the USA
-We moved (just within Vlad, not to a new country or anything)
-My sinuses exploded (or at least it felt like it for a couple days! Yikes!)

So you will forgive me for not having posted anything (or having had time to tat all that much) for the past few weeks. (Please.)

Progress on Reneluk's Spring Doily has been (temporarily) set aside in favor of learning and practicing new techniques as suggested by Ladytats and Grace Tyler (thank you!) and demonstrated by Linda Davies on her Toptattyhead YouTube page (thank you!).

After I posted this picture:
in my last blog post (it's the first few rounds of Karey Solomon's Plain and Fancy) Grace correctly pointed out that I had a lot of hanging threads and very diplomatically suggested that I could save myself a lot of bother, hassle and brain cells if I would learn how to do a split chain. Ladytats next gave an exceptionally good description of how to do said chain, and then Grace provided me with the knowledge of how to find Linda's YouTube video about split chains and SSSRs.

Oh Internet tatting people, how I love you and your helpful, giving ways!

So, thanks to this amazing combined effort, I give you my first split chain:
Followed shortly thereafter by my first ever Single Shuttle Split Ring:
The Hallelujah Chorus (as sung by the Simpson College Chorus in a 2011 flash mob at the Jordan Creek Towncenter) was loudly playing in the background when this was achieved, I assure you. :)


I was going to blog about this the very next day, but then we moved, a multi-day affair from which we are still recovering...
But Pip likes his backyard
And my comfy tatting chair has finally made it to the (4th floor!! of the) townhouse, so we're back in tatting business.

We moved a week ago Wednesday and Thursday, spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at work and unpacking, and then on Monday my head exploded and I spent the rest of the week recovering from the worst sinus headache EVER. Yikes.

Anyway, with brain and nasal function fully restored I decided to finish up Plain and Fancy (with split chains abounding):
Can you spot the split chains??

 Here's a hint:
Motif 11!
Whoohoo!!! :)

Split chains, check. Single shuttle split rings, check.

Next up is tatting around a bead. Oh, and that spring doily. :)


  1. I am impressed (with split rings and chain single shuttle)I think that is a trick to do, and the weird thing is I don't do them that often to where I have to go look it all up again when the time comes. Moving is a lot and being sick makes it worse glad your feeling better.

    1. Thank you so much, I was lucky to feel fine during the move, but then two or three days later, WHAM. I'm still not sure if it was the weird weather (we've had everything from torrential rain to snow to 60 degrees over the past week), all the dust and stress from the move, or just a bug, but it was not fun!

      By the way, Aileen says the pattern for the bookmark she sent me is from Jane Eborall's site (of course! That's why it's so cute!) but I'm not sure which one... :)

  2. congratulations on learning some new techniques, and you will find them very helpful. Your doily is looking very nice, and the point to split chains and rings is that we are not supposed to be able to see them. Good for you.

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the push in the right direction! :) They are certainly not *perfect* but it is nice not to have to cut-tie-hide all the time! :)

  3. It's great to learn new techniques that make tatting easier, well done!

    1. Thank you! I am glad I was given the tools to learn! :)

  4. Well done in learning two new techniques, The spring doily is looking lovely.
    Can I tell you that Marilee has a brilliant piece on tatting around a ring, which I learnt from it's possibly in her blog.

    1. Thank you Margaret! I just saw Marilee's tutorial and found it to be AMAZING! Hopefully I will post on that soon--you must have read my mind! :)

  5. Awesome! Sorry that I was such a pest/booger brain about the hanging threads, but I thought you'd like to save the trouble of all those blasted ends!

    Congrats on getting the technique implemented. I love Linda's video. She has lots of other tips and tricks and free patterns on her blog, which I think is toptatty? blogspot.

    I look at your blog regularly to see if you have updated. :)

    1. Grace! You were niether a pest nor a booger about the hanging threads, you were being helpful and provided me with the motivation to learn something new...I appreciate it! I also appreciate you checking the blog...more motivation, to post more often... It's good! :)