Monday, February 17, 2014

TIAS Day 15 and a tiny motif #5

It's so sad, there is only one more day of Jane's TIAS...sniff.

Here is my progress through Day 15...

I guess it is pretty obvious what it is at this point...
Too cold to sail on Amur Bay!
Saturday night I opened up every one of the balls of size 80 thread I have, found an empty shuttle, and started tatting with each and every one of them. I mostly stuck to rings since that seems to be where I'm having trouble...the thread keeps snapping when I'm in the process of closing the ring for some reason or another.

Thank goodness, almost all of the thread tatted up as normally as possible. Hooray! Apparently I just started tatting with the few balls that weren't good first...awesome.

At any rate, I was finally able to get a start on that doily project, and here is the first round (and motif 5 of the 25 motif challenge):

Again, it is deceptively tiny...
Oh, so cute.
Actually, perfectionist that I am, I think I'll be doing this over before I continue with the rest of the doily...but it was SO NICE to finally get a finished motif in size 80! Hooray!!!


  1. Your motif is pretty, glad to see the thread is going your way.

  2. Day 16 ! We have the last piece of TIAS ; )
    Lovely Tatting

    1. Yay! That crafty Jane kept us guessing to the end!

  3. Yay, you have conquered the size 80!

    1. Some days I conquer it, some days it conquers me... :)