Saturday, November 16, 2013

Three New Countries! Hooray! (+Motif 35)

Yikes! It has been WAY too long since I last does that to me, unfortunately :)

Anyway, as the title of this posts suggests, I've picked up three new countries (as reflected on the map to the right)...Germany, Austria and Slovakia! My first tatting inroads in Europe!

Sadly, while I practiced the craft here and there, I didn't complete much, just...
Motif 35 (#2 to 25 by the 25th) I can't seem to figure out where this motif is from, if you can ID it I'd appreciate it...its made from DMC size 80 thread
This is a perfect quilter edging (thanks again for the thread, Diane!) based off of the corner bookmark pattern that I so love. I have absolutely no plans for this edging, it was just something to keep my hands busy on the planes and trains of Europe.
 I had a wonderful time on my trip (you can read about it here and here), but I was quite disappointed that, no matter how many craft shops or bookstores I visited I never did run into anyone who knew a thing about tatting, occhi, or any other translation of the word (and I asked in English, German, Spanish and Russian)...

I tried to visit a textile museum in Heidelberg to see what I could see...
 But it was closed!!! Darn!
 I even struck out finding any thread until my LAST night in Vienna, when I found this...
I'm not 100% sure what this thread is made of (sign makes me think linen, but I don't speak German and Google translate isn't helping much)...I will be interested to see how it tats up. It seems to be similar to size 40 thread, but not soft at all...we'll see. It's a mystery!
 So, that's that. I'm glad to be back and hope to get back to tatting sooner rather than later...I've got a long way to go if I'm going to make 25 motifs by the 25th of December! :)


  1. what an interesting life you lead. All that world travel.
    can't help with the heart pattern, sorry, but it does look familiar.

    1. Yes, interesting is definitely one word to describe it...crazy might be another! :) I still haven't found the heart pattern, but I'm sure I will, in time. :)

  2. Love your blog! The heart is beautiful and I just bought some of perfect quilter threads, Diane sent me some to and it tatted up nicely, I made a sunflower doily with what she sent me, and then ordered more in that color, after my snowflake challenge I'll go back to that.(I posted it on my blog) I really like the trim you made and have to try that too! Sorry about the museum I hate that make you feel stupid pressing your face on the glass :) oh that's what I do.

    1. Oh thank you! I wish I was better at updating it more frequently! :) The problem with this museum was that there wasn't any glass to press my face to!! It was really disappointing...oh well :)

  3. Hope you enjoyed Europe, three more countries to add to the list, sorry I don't know the thread, not sure what it might be, it could be Turkish although they dont wind it on spools like that,
    Your heart is lovely sorry I don't know the pattern either, but its a lovely colour.

    1. Thanks Margaret. I'm pretending the thread is linen, but who knows. I haven't had a free shuttle to add it to yet, but I'll get around to it...eventually. :)