Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More of the Same...


Being quite a bit ahead of most of the rest of the world (there are just two time zones separating Vladivostok from the International Date Line), it's always interesting to see how long it takes for the TIASs to show up in my blog feed...

I try not to "spoil it" by looking at other blogs (I like to see what I create before "comparing it to others) but sometimes that doesn't work out...oh well.

Anyway, after school today I found out there was a Day 5 and hastened to complete it, with (I hope) success:

 I've given up my thoughts of the first motif being an it reminds me of the wheel of a unicycle...although I'm guessing that won't be it, either, since there are two more picots floating out there in space...

In-between loads of laundry, piles of dishes (it's amazing how many dirty dishes two people can create!) and general apartment tidying I've also managed to start on the final round of the Spiderweb Doily...for those who wondered how it would end...take a peek.
It's twisting. Grr. Even after two separate starts, the final row is twisting. This doily will need to be blocked into submission, I think...
 I've also been very happy to notice distinct signs of fall here in Vladivostok...

As nice as warm summer days are, there's nothing like the changing colors of fall! :)


  1. Strange I always think of Russia being a very cold country, your fall is looking the same as ours at the moment.
    Your TIAS looks good, nit had time to do my day five at the moment.

    1. Well, from November-February Russia is a very cold country (and in the nothern part, I'm sure it's colder longer than that!) I heard from a friend in Yekaterinburg (much, much closer to you) that they've already had their first snow of the season! We are tempered somewhat by our lovely seaside location, I'm sure! :) I'm looking forward to snow, but not so much that I can't be patient for another month or two :)