Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthday Tatting! Plus catching up with the TIAS, China, Motif #33 and new thread!!

Well, I guess there are some perks to turning 30!
Besides cake, of course :)
For one thing, I got to order a bunch of thread "guilt free" as part of my birthday present :)
All size 80...eek!
Also, as you can see from the map to the right, I have added another new country to my tatting list...China!
OK so I'm pretty sure this doesn't mean tatting, considering the store below it was full of antiques, but it was fun to find! :)
Chris and I traveled to Hong Kong over the past weekend to celebrate my birthday and reconnect with some wonderful friends we met in Honduras. We had a great time and you can read all about that here if you want.
I'm a little teapot...
Besides having nothing else to do on the entertainment-free 5 hr flight from Vlad to HK, I did find a little time to tat while in China...
See, it's a shuttle!
We had a great view from the 32nd floor of the hotel!
 I was pretty busy in HK, but did manage to finish this pretty Rose Medallion from "Mastering Tatting".
Motif #33
 Of course, being away meant I got a little behind on the TIAS, but I've caught back up:
Day 8: Ok so it's probably a train...
Day 9: A snail sticking its tongue out?
Today's Day 10: Ok, it's really probably a train...pretty cute!
I also bought myself some gorgeous Japanese cotton fabric at a fabric market in Hong Kong as a birthday present:

I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with it, yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something fun! It's hard to tell from the picture, but all the outlines of the flowers is sparkly gold, so it's really lovely!

So, I'm settling into life in a new decade and getting ready for another international trip (and maybe two) in the upcoming sure isn't slow! :)

Also, fun fact: My little brother reads this blog and challenged me this morning to do 25 motifs by the 25th of December...this might be pretty tough since it took me until, what, September to get my first 25 of the year(?), but at least the TIAS will count as one of them! Anyone want to join me?! :)


  1. Happy birthday! 25 by December 25th? Oh boy, I wish! I'll give it a try with you!

    1. Thanks Michelle! So far I've done like, 2's nice to know someone's along for this ride! :)

  2. Your rose medallion is very beautiful!!! :)

    1. Why thank you! It was fun to tat, once I figured out how to do it! :)