Sunday, August 5, 2012

Motif #2...Plus We Play: What is it?


I'm slowly getting myself back into the tatting habit after taking a bit of a break after the "marathon tatting" I did to finish things for the fairs...I thought I'd do more tatting during the Olympics, but I just basically sit here with my mouth open in awe, and can't really do much else but stare in wonder.

So I haven't accomplished much tatting-wise, but here is my motif #2 for my second go-around at the 2012 25 Motif Challenge:
Hopefully you can tell that it's the letter "F" little brother liked my coasters so much he asked if I would make him and his soon-to-be wife a set of monogram coasters for their wedding gift...and since their wedding is in two weeks, I thought I'd better get to work! You can look for more "F's" in the future...


And now it's time to play a game: WHAT IS IT?!
I took a trip to a local craft chain store this weekend and picked up the supplies I need to make something out of all those ecru motifs I made earlier...

I bought:
-Clear thread
-Flower wire
-Measuring Tape
-Needle-nose wire cutters

My new project: What is it?

Go on, give it a guess...if you're the first person to get it right I'll send you something from Russia...not sure what yet, but it'll be something good, I promise. (You have until I finish it to guess!)

Happy guessing!


  1. I think you are going to make some flowers perhaps Lilly's

  2. Wow! Letters in tatting seem like a challenge, but I really like yours!! :)
    Hmmmm...a mobile??