Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finishing for the Fair, 25th (and 1stB) Motifs, and a New Place to Tat


It has been a busy non-tatting time recently, mostly because we've been spending our time researching and bidding on the place we want to go next...

Well, on Tuesday we got that answer...sometime this winter we will be moving to Vladivostok, Russia!
For those of you who don't know (and don't feel bad, I didn't know until I looked it up), Vlad is on the far eastern side of Russia, nearer to the Koreas, China, and Japan than to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Click here for the Google map.

I am really looking forward to tatting in Russia, but I have a few months of Russian training and other fun things first.

I also have the Iowa State Fair, which starts next Thursday and which I will be at! :) I can't wait!

All my tatting was turned in last week and I'll know how I did next Wednesday. One of the things I like about the Iowa State Fair is that they have a preview the night before the Fair begins where anyone who entered things can go see everything set up with all the ribbons and such.

Another thing I like about the Fair is that each item comes back with comments, things the judge either liked or suggestions on how to make it better. They don't judge the items live, so it's really nice to read those comments. I had a lot of "needs blocking" comments last year, which obviously led to my blocking experiments a few weeks ago, and hopefully I won't have those comments again.

At any rate, as I was getting myself ready for the Fair I also finished my 25th Motif!!!

YAY! I did it!!

And even better, I started on my 2nd round with Motif #1B, both of which I put into coasters to join the others. I also made a trivet to go along with the set. It was kind of fun to make something that I will actually be able to use, rather than just something pretty...if I have an issue with my fun hobby is that I don't ever do anything with the results...
The yellow is #25, and the blue is #1B!
So, hurray, I finished what I started, and I have August-December to try to get 24 more motifs in...I think I can I think I can!

I'm going to start looking into tatting in Russia, see if I will find fellow tatters there or just have fun introducing the art to an entirely new country! :)


PS: Just in case any of you who came over from the other blog, yes, we have changed the name...we are now "Vladi-What"!


  1. Those motifs look lovely, you may need to take tatting thread with you, think there is some members of intatters live in Russia, not sure how many, but they might give you some advice about buying thread in Russia.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be taking thread with me...and luckily I will have the ability to have things shipped to me! :)

  3. Thank you! I think the four coasters and matching trivet together will be really nice :)