Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome to my little bit of very own tatting blog

Hello everyone!

For those of you who are finding me for the very first time, welcome!

For those of you who found this via redirection from TeguciWhat, welcome back!

After deciding to make our "big move" (both career-wise and country-wise) I thought I might as well ride the "everything's changing" bus and move my tatting posts off our shared travel site and onto my own little bit of Internet-based turf...and into something a bit more stable and within my control...

You see, 95.5% of the things in my life are changing right now:
-New job for Chris and (temporary) unemployment for me
-New apartment (for 5+ months, just long enough to get used to it before we move again)
-New country (well, ok, back to the old country for a while, then off to the wild blue yonder/vast unknown)
-Blog (we can't very well talk about living in Honduras if we're no longer here, now can we?!)
And here's the 4.5% that's staying the same:
-Husband (thank goodness for this one!)
I decided to call the blog Tatting All over the Place for two reasons...
  1. I literally have Tatting All Over the Place at my house! My poor husband is so nice to put up with it, but at any given time you can find half-completed or completed doilies, motifs, needles, spools of thread, beads, tatting books or random bits of string or mess-ups in basically any part of the house you visit. My dog had a piece of tatting thread stuck in his beard this morning. When I get involved in a project, I tend to spread out a bit...sorry Chris.
  2. Since I began tatting in earnest (I learned during the summer of 2005 and picked it back up in the fall of 2009) I have had the opportunity to tat in: The US (Iowa, Missouri and Illinois), Honduras (Tegucigalpa, Los Encinitos and Copán) and Guatemala (Antigua), as well as in the air over the Gulf of Mexico and Cuba (closest I'll ever get to that country!) and will be taking the craft to Washington DC next month and to our next country after that...the goal is to get photos of me tatting in all these fun places, as well as post what I'm tatting and why along the far I've kind of failed at this, as I have literally zero pictures of me tatting, exotic locations or I'm going to make it my mission to catalogue where I take tatting, and where it takes me. For this traveler I guarantee it will be All Over the Place
So this is the reason for the new blog! If you're nostalgic for the old posts, click right HERE

If you're ready for what's coming in the future, check back often...remember, I'm entering a 5+ month period of virtually expect a lot more tatting to come! (I'm already working on my first new-blog project...check out the sneak peek below :-D)

Can you guess what this will be? (And no, it has nothing to do with the envelope!)


  1. Like your new tatting blog. Your life is adventerous and will be fun to see where all and what you are tatting. Karen in OR

    1. Thanks Karen! I appreciate your feedback, AND that you are my first comment! :-D