Sunday, July 26, 2015

Better than Ugh

Handkerchief, take two!

Thanks so much for all your lovely tips and encouragement. 

Almost perfect. 

I used the suggestions to pin down the handkerchief and stretch the lace to make it work:

I'm nice the handkerchief and lace were stable, I sewed with clear (plastic) thread:

Finally done. Phew!

Hooray. Never again. (At least, never again when I can't tat directly onto the handkerchief!!)


  1. Looking lovely, very pretty thread, well done on completing the hanky

    1. Thanks, Margaret! I'm happy to have the first one done, hopefully the next will be better!

  2. I love your tatting and choice of patterns is always wonderful. I was taught in school to tat directly into the hankie, also I wonder if the plastic thread can be pressed at home?
    It can at the dry cleaners ( know for sure). If hankie gets a stain the hankie can be cut away from tatting. Many people attach it afterwards, I just like directly tatting onto hankie.

    1. I wonder about the plastic thread as well... maybe I'll just tat directly to the next one... ANYTHING to make the process less Awful! :)