Friday, June 27, 2014

An Annie Orr Edging

Hello. Another small update, from Missouri this time!

Our family has a house at the Lake of the Ozarks and it is the best place to tat! So relaxing and uncomplicated! (Although Ihave  taken a few breaks to go shopping!!)

So, with "nothing" else to do, I have made great strides in this Annie Orr edging pattern (from the red Annie Orr book and probably available for free online):

It is over a foot long, (15 repeats) and I am guessing I need 20-25 more before I can attach it to the pillowcase I'm making if for.

(The thread is size 40 Lizbeth)

It's a process, and the first time I've made a continuous edging pattern, beleve it or not! :)

We're off to TN for a few days later this week, and then back to Iowa for the 4th...and then Chris and I are meeting up in LONDON to spend 2 weeks in the UK!! I am so excited!!!!! :) This will be my first time there since 2004 and my first time since I leaned how to tat. 

Do any of you UK tatters have any must-go places for tatting books, swag etc? :-D


  1. Well if you get anywhere near Stratford upon Avon while you're here then please let me know so we can meet. As for places to go for tatting books, threads etc - I always buy online!!!

  2. Well I live in Tennessee and if you are near Knoxville area let me know! Love the edging!

  3. Hi, if you come down towards the West Country and Somerset, let me know I would love to meet up. I am sorry but I buy all my supplies online.
    Lovely edging, great colour thread.

    1. I'm still sad I didn't do my geography homework and realize how close I would be to you when I was in Bath, Margaret. Next time, for sure! :)