Friday, July 12, 2013

A Sad Lack of Tatting (But Plenty of Sewing Machine Time!)

Ah, well, I knew it wouldn't last.

I did so well, for a little over a week, of tatting every day...and then came The 4th of July (and the 6th, and the 11th!)

This year we celebrated the Independence Day that wouldn't end, and that took up most of Kristen's time and energy for the better part of the week, mostly because of this:
Over 120 feet of patriotic fabric!
 You see, I was in charge of decorations for the Consulate's Official 4th of July celebration (held, of course, on July 11...). The venue was two-leveled, with the bottom level holding the top up with square pillars...someone (me) decided it was a good idea to cover these pillars, and when the originally-ordered pre-made column covers were found to be out of stock, someone (me) decided it was a good idea to just order millions of miles of fabric and have someone (me) cut, iron, and hem them...

4 hours later, 14 column covers emerged!

 And, I have to say (in my opinion) they made the venue look really, really nice!
Other decorations were not so labor-intensive on my part (thank goodness) in their creation, but it all took a few hours to put up...
Sadly that's all I have to show for the past week...

Oh well, there's always tomorrow. :)


  1. Wow! I'd say that was a week well spent! Now back to the *shuttle*!

    1. Yes! Mostly practice tatting right now...I'm longingly gazing at the needles but pushing forward with the shuttle!