Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Incarnation of the Carpet is Finished, Diagramming Begins!

Finally! It's done!

When we last checked in, the inside motifs of the carpet had been completed, but the outside ring was only halfway complete, due to the "kissing curls" found on all four corners.

I tried to continue the pattern on the short side after completing the first long side, but after many failed attempts decided to continue with the second long side first:

The problem is shown by the orange arrow below:
If you look at the rest of the pattern, it makes sense to re-create the triangle from the inside, to make the bulk of the outside edge, but that can't be done and then also connect with the chain next to it...

See, the connection doesn't work:

Another chain/ring/chain pattern has to be added (left side) to complete the side:

So it is no longer a 12-piece pattern, but a 16-piece pattern, as shown below:

And here it is completed!


So, what did I do but start it over, so that I can write out the pattern. I'm going to use different colored thread to show each part...
...and will publish the pattern once it's all written out. Also, perfectionist that I am, I might tweak it a bit...there are other ring/chain/ring elements that could be added, if one chose to... :)

Also, as a break from the green, I have continued work on this mat; 5 down, 4 more to go! :)